Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Today is the day to can cherries. I think they're at their peak where I live and the prices have dropped. I went to the farmers market on Saturday and asked the farmer to bring me two flats today and she negotiated the price due to the quantity.

I'm going to can cherry jam, three types of infused cherries in Armagnac, Grand Marnier and Cognac plus cherry pie filling.

Next week I want to can some cantaloupe jam. I need to dig up my recipe for it.


stacey said...

I am wanting to use my own lemons to make pectin with jam next year. The problem is the timing of my lemons! Do you know if you can freeze the lemon skin and seeds then use them later to cook down for pectin in your recipe? I know you can freeze the juice, but am not sure about the rind. Lemons are very expensive in the summer months where I live.

David Blackburn said...

Whole lemons may be frozen. They are usually the least expensive in mid-February.

Anonymous said...

Today I am making your Chili recipe. I pretty much followed the recipe except for the orange juice. I still added the lemon juice along with some worcestershire sauce. I was worried it would taste to orangy. What do you think???

A Fan said...

Please make more blog entries! I just discovered your YouTube videos and website and I am thoroughly addicted to your canning and cooking recipes and tips!

Maria-Mercedes said...

I have a question about the infused cherries. Do you serve them on their own or in alcohol? And what do you do with the left over alcohol?
I'm very interested in making some infused cherries once they come into season here in NY!

P.S.: I hope you post more recipes and canning videos! I have made your chili and pot roast and they were delightful, but I haven't been able to can your recipes yet.

David Blackburn said...

Thanks for your comment! I'll publish a post on this.