Saturday, September 08, 2007


I picked figs this morning for the second time this week. They are really beautiful. I have one tree that produces small, dark-purple figs and another that produces large, redish ones. I'm not ready to can them because the weather is nice and I need to get some outside painting done plus I'm putting in a lawn. So, I've decided to freeze them and can after all of them are picked. I'm rinsing them off, letting them dry and then putting them into freezer bags.

When I do can the figs, I'll can the small figs in red wine. When I open these, I usually remove the wine sauce from the canning jar and reduce it until it's the thickness of syrup just before serving. I put the two or three figs in a large soup dish with two or three scoops of vanilla ice cream and then drizzle the syrup over them. Yum!

I'll make fig jam from the large ones because the lighter color is so appealing. I can serve the fig jam with pound cake, or heat it up and put it over ice cream.

I know that tomato season is almost over and I'm trying to decide what I need to can with them. I'll go to the farmers market next week before making a final decision. I saw some beautiful eggplants last week and have been thinking about them too!

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Holly said...

Hi David....great blog! This is wonderful. I see figs at the farmer's market and haven't bought any because I don't know what the heck to make out of them. I have gotten hooked on canning (thanks in part to your site, and sometimes I am just in the mood to can something and exactly what I can comes second. Sounds pretty lame but I work in high-tech and am non-stop tech talk all day, every day. It is my santuary to escape it all on the weekends, put on some good music and chop, crush, slice, dice, peel, puree and "put up" something that came out of the dirt. Thanks for all your knowledge!